About us

RECO Lift Solutions has specialised in the rental of temporary passenger lifts since 2006. The company, which started out by upgrading a construction lift to a passenger lift, has now expanded into an international player with a growing fleet of some 60 temporary passenger lifts.

Our unique temporary passenger lifts are prized for their modularity, high-quality lift technology, user friendliness and reliability. In terms of quality and performance, they are on a par with permanent lift installations. RECO’s temporary passenger lifts are developed and manufactured in house. Product development is led by the wishes and requirements of our national and international clients. Through constant innovations, some of which have been patented, new temporary passenger lift solutions tailored ever more closely to the needs of our clients are being developed all the time.

‘Our mission is to ensure safe and 100% barrier-free access for building users in all situations,’ says Robin Reigwein, managing director of RECO Lift Solutions.


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