Our procedure

RECO Lift Solutions delivers turnkey solutions. This means that we arrange the entire process, from the moment you show interest in our solutions to the point at which your temporary RECO passenger lift is dismantled. Whether it be calculating the costs involved, help with a licence application, maintenance or service monitoring, we have the necessary expertise in house. Which makes us a one-stop-shop. The whole process from installation to maintenance, is translated into the following five basic steps:

  1. Analyse the situation: One of our representatives will visit the location to review the situation and discuss your wishes, possibly in the presence of liftcompanies and/or consultancy agencies. All our advice is tailored to your own specific requirements.
  2. Calculation, reporting, guidance and permit: The project plan from start to finish, preparing drawings & calculations, which will be checked by an independant construction consulting agency. In case a permit is needed, we offer support in gathering the required information.
  3. Installation of a temporary RECO passenger lift: From the moment you confirm an order with us, we support you in every respect. For example, when installing the lift: the deployment of a mobile crane, registration of excavation work (under the ‘KLIC’ system), excavation of the lift shaft etc. will commence immediately. In the event of an emergency, RECO Lift Solutions can install a temporary RECO passenger lift within a very short space of time.
  4. Inspection: In order to ensure the highest possible level of safety, once it has been installed, the temporary RECO passenger lift will be inspected by an independent inspection body.
  5. Maintenance, faults & servicing: RECO Lift Solutions has its own team of engineers who provide 24/7 support and periodically maintain the temporary RECO passenger lifts (preventative maintenance where required). This ensures that the RECO lifts are reliable and safe.


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