This is a comfortable and safe passenger lift that can accommodate a stretcher and operates in a modular wind and waterproof lift shaft. Provides the best possible accessibility when permanent lifts are out of operation.

RECO Lift Solutions has built a temporary lift that is user friendly, safe, reliable and easily accessible: the RECO lift. The RECO lift has a rack and pinion drive, which means the elevator has a speed of 0.4 meters per second and is easy to build. In addition, the Reco-lift is very quiet.

The RECO lift has been approved in accordance with the Machinery Directive 98/37/EC, which largely meets the EN 81-1 EN 12159. Before usage the lift is approved by an independent body (eg Lift Institute) and should be reappraised once every six months. While designing the RECO lift the accessibility for stretchers, wheelchair users, people with a walker and so forth has been taken into account. You can see this by looking at the wide barrier-free entrance to the temporary lift, but also by looking at the cabin of the lift. The cabin is equal to the cabin of a fixed lift. For users, the Reco-lift is comfortable and easy to use by means of push buttons that one is accustomed to in a fixed lift. Anyone can use the temporary lift without extensive instructions and complicated systems with passes and / or control cards. This is a direct advantage in public utilization.

The elevator cabin is built into a stackable modular shaft. This shaft is fully closed, the elevator shaft is wind- and waterproof.  The RECO lift is safe to use even above wind-force 6. In the Dutch climate this is of great importance.

After the development of the RECO lift, we had several requests with regard to expanding our rental fleet. Aspects such as capacity utilization, international logistics transportation  and more comfort became more and more important. Meanwhile, besides the RECO lift we have defined 4 different types of temporary lifts specified to a certain usefulness and / or target group; RECO lift 2.0, RECO lift PP, RECO lift PPE and the RECO lift XL.


  • Temporary lift with a silent rack and pinion drive.
  • Safe & reliable. Remote monitoring through the use of Winmos. Also the temporary lift is completely closed, making it safe to use in all weather conditions (even above wind-force 6).
  • User friendly & comfortable because of the barrier-free entrance. This makes the temporary lift accessible for wheelchairs and stretchers.
  • The car has a mirror and handrail, which is according to the Disability Discrimination Act.
  • The temporary lift is energy efficient through the use of Bohnke & Partner Blue Mode technology & LED lighting.
Technical specificationsRECO Lift
Max. height50 m
Max. persons13 persons
Max. load1000 kg
Dimensions lift cabine1,1 x 2,1 x 2,2 m
Dimensions opening0,9 m width
Finishing cabineStainless steel (vandalism proof)
DoorsAutomatic listening
Phone coverageTelephone connection
Speed0,4 m/s
Lift shaft2,5 m x 4,5 m
Power supply380 V - 16 Amp

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