This is the stairlift that can be temporarily fitted to any straight staircase. It is ideal if vertical transport is temporarily required for only a few people. It is the solution if a temporary lift is not an option but an alternative is nevertheless needed.

The RECO Stairlift is the latest addition to the fleet of RECO emergency lifts. It is a safe, reliable, cheap, simple and easy to use stair chair lift which quickly to any straight staircase to a maximum of 7 meters can be placed. The stair lift fills the gap where a temporary lift is not possible, or that a temporary lift is not financially possible. Think for wagering purposes in addition to also lift emergency placement for lift modernization, lift renovation, lift stop, elevator malfunction, etc.

This is why the temporary rented stairlift is ideal for situations when regular lifts in apartment buildings and business premises are out of use. The temporary stairlift offers a great solution in the case of calamities or when existing lift facilities are modernised, renovated or out of order.

Safe and easy

The emergency stair lifts are CE approved and installed in accordance with BS 81-40. Because the elevators are so simple to use, they can be operated by almost anyone without expensive assistance. In addition, there is no threshold for residents to call up the assistant.


Due to the large fleet of elevators and stairlfits, we can quickly switch and because the elevators consume little power, they can be simply connected to a normal power supply. The lifts themselves are mounted on the existing stairs, above there are small holes drilled into your stairs. After dismantling the elevators we fill the holes again with a filler. As a result, the damage is limited to a minimum and almost not visible.

The Reco stairlifts can be installed on practically any straight staircase with a maximum length of seven meters. The temporary stair lifts are powered by direct current, provided by batteries, which provide a smooth, stable, and safe ride. The batteries are maintenance free and are automatically charged.

The advantages are:

  • The stair lift remains operative, even during power outages.
  • There is no main voltage needed for any part of the lift.
  • The temporary stair lift can be installed quickly
  • A smooth and quiet ride.
  • The stair lift provides a comfortable seating and safe and stable ride.


Throughout Europe we always have a mechanic in the neighbourhood to fix any fault. In addition, our service is as you‘re used to from a high standard which means that we, if desired can loan out walkers and/or wheelchairs for free to the users of the stair chair lifts to help them remain mobile as much as possible.

Technical specificationsRECO Stair Lift
Engine power0.25 kW
Lift speedMax. 0.15 m/s
Movement methodRack and pinion
Engine torque108 Nm
Energy power24 V DC (batteries)
Maximum capacity127 kg
Supply current220 V, 50 Hz charger

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