RECO Lift Solutions’ international clients on the infrastructure market are managers of rail, metro and tram networks and international airports.
These customer-focused clients want to ensure that passengers can access the transport services they provide safely and 100% barrier-free while stations or terminals are being refurbished.

The installation of temporary RECO passenger lifts ensures that a high level of passenger comfort is maintained.
RECO Lift Solutions is also increasingly being called upon to equip temporary walkways with temporary passenger lifts in order to ensure that access to them is 100% barrier-free.

Projects typically involve high volumes of passengers in a dynamic work environment.
In order to keep inconvenience to passengers and contractors to a minimum, RECO Lift Solutions often installs the temporary lifts in a single night and on a Just In Time basis.


  • Capaciteit: 13 persons
  • Max. hoogte: 8,1 m.
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