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Eurovision, song, contest, 2016, RSP, RECO, Lift, Indoorlift, Passenger

For the capital city of Sweden, the Eurovision Song Contest is a fantastic opportunity to put Stockholm on the map. Next to the Royal Palace, with a stunning view over the water, the Euroclub upper-floor pavilion was built, where guests can attend the after-party. RECO Lift Solutions has equipped the pavilion with its new Event passenger lift.

20-foot Container
The RECO Indoor Lift will be transported in a 20-foot container carrying individual parts inside of roll containers, which can easily be rolled to the installation location. There, the lift can be assembled in the desired configuration without the need for third-party hoisting equipment. 

Modular design
Like all of RECO’s other temporary passenger lifts, the indoorlift also has a modular design. Designed to enable transport of the largest component through a standard door, the indoorlift can be assembled under all indoor conditions. A 2-stop configuration (ground floor+1) is usually sufficient for events. What makes the RECO Indoor Lift unique is that it can also be assembled in a 4-stop (ground floor+3) configuration, if desired.


Eurovision, song, contest, 2016, RSP, RECO, Lift, Indoorlift, Passenger

Representative lift cabin

For easy access to the lift, the Indoor Lift comes equipped with automatic doors. Once inside the lift cabin, operation is the same as for existing lifts. This is because RECO considers a so-called ‘hold-button-operation’ to be insufficiently user-friendly. The stainless steel finish and LED screen and lighting give the cabin a representative appearance.

Remote monitoring

After positive experiences with the Winmos monitoring system, RECO decided to equip the Indoor Lift with this system, as well. That way, RECO technicians can monitor the Indoorlift remotely, 24/7, and the system can pro-actively report potential malfunctions.

Eurovision Song Contest

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