Manchester,  August  2017: Manchester Airport (MAG) is investing a sum of up to GBP 1 billion in the transition of its airport. Half of Terminal 2 is currently being demolished. To offset the lost capacity, MAG has opened a temporary gate lounge for its passengers on airside (where the aircraft are located). RECO Lift Solutions has equipped the lounge with two RECO PP (Plug & Play) Temporary Passenger Lifts.

Temporary terminal gate

From Terminal 2, passengers first pass through a covered walkway installed by Lyndon Scaffolding. Located at the end of this temporary route are a stairway tower and two RECO PP Temporary Passenger Lifts. From this point onward, the temporary terminal gate is approximately 9m lower on airside level. The temporary RECO lifts ensure that passengers can reach the lounge quickly, easily and barrier-free. The temporary lounge was supplied by De Boer and has a capacity of 650 passengers. The lounge was built over a four-week period and will be operational for two years

No need for lift pit

Thanks to the high load-bearing capacity and thickness of the concrete on airside, RECO was able to anchor both lift shafts directly into the concrete using chemical HILTI adhesives. The advantage of this is that both lift shafts are completely separate from the walkway and the temporary lounge. Another major advantage for RECO’s client Laing O’Rourke (LOR) was that the RECO lift does not require a lift well. As a result, no structural modifications had to be made to the concrete at the airside installation site, thus preserving the strength of the concrete structure. Both RECO PP lifts were assembled in just one working day.

Local support

This was Laing O’Rourke’s second time working with RECO. RECO previously installed a temporary RECO lift for LOR at Custom House station (DLR line in London). At the request of MAG, the RECO lifts have been fully integrated with the airport’s building management system. Local lift company Jackson Lifts (with which MAG has a contract) will be supporting RECO on an as needed basis by monitoring first-line malfunction reports. Independent inspection agency Bureau Veritas UK was commissioned by RECO and approved both lifts.

Airport specialist

There is a trend in Europe of airports growing along with the growth of air passenger numbers. After Schiphol, Munich and Dublin, Manchester is the fourth airport in Europe to opt for a temporary RECO passenger lift. These airport projects are characterised by a highly dynamic work environment with stringent safety requirements, in which RECO has gained a great deal of valuable experience. We therefore look forward to taking on another airport project.

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