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Amsterdam Amstel station equipped with temporary RECO PP passenger lift

Amsterdam – At Amsterdam Amstel station, Mobilis is working together with its partner van Gelder to create a new design …

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Erasmus Medical Center provides barrier-free car park access with temporary RECO passenger lift

Rotterdam – Recently the Erasmus University MC in Rotterdam undertook a large-scale relocation to new hospital premises. Unfortunately, the changes also meant that their patients suddenly no longer had access to barrier-free parking. RECO Lift Solutions offered the solution, installing a temporary RECO PP passenger lift in the parking deck.

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Residents’ response to replacement lift for 19 floors extremely positive

The permanent lifts in the flat building ‘De Sneeuwvos’ next to Vossendijk Park are in need of maintenance. This 19-storey flat building on the River Maas offers spacious units with a fantastic view to 68 households. Data on the use of the replacement lift provided shows that the solution from RECO Lift Solutions was more valuable to residents than a mere back-up lift.

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English Premier Inn hotelchain to use RECO temporary passenger lift in London city centre

Irish construction company Gilbert Ash Construction Ltd is repurposing an existing building in London city centre to become a hotel for Premier Inn. The hotel will be completed in phases by Gilbert Ash, with Premier Inn subsequently taking it into operation.

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Cardiff University Hospital (UK) will be using temporary RECO passenger lift during lift upgrade

Near the main entrance of the university hospital is an outdated double two-stop lift shaft. This lift shaft is scheduled to be relocated soon, when the lifts will also be updated. To deal with the reduced lift service, RECO Lift Solutions installed a temporary two-stop RECO PP passenger lift.

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