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Amsterdam, 25 Feb. 2017: Hegeman+ Beton & Industriebouw won the contract to upgrade 16 metro stations in Amsterdam. RECO is supporting Hegeman+ in maintaining 100% barrier-free access to the platforms for passengers. Following the completion of work at the Madeweg metro station (in the summer of 2016), RECO has now deployed its equipment at Spaklerweg station.

reco lift solutions GEDA Multilift P18S

Limited load-bearing capacity of platforms
For the passenger-friendly footbridge, Hegeman+ chose the modular system created by Layher, a manufacturer of scaffolding solutions. It was supplied pre-assembled by RECO Montagetechniek from Koudekerk aan den Rijn in the Netherlands. Due to the limited load-bearing capacity of the platforms, RECO Lift Solutions from Waddinxveen opted to install two lightweight temporary GEDA P18S passenger lifts. Both systems (Layher Allround & GEDA) are fully complementary, considerably increasing both the design freedom and the speed of assembly.

Hoisting during suspension of services
Because the equipment had to be hoisted over a railway track, Hegeman+ asked for services to be suspended during the operation. During a two-hour window in the middle of the night, both the footbridge and the GEDA P18S passenger lifts were easily hoisted into place above Spaklerweg station using a 300 tm crane. The two passenger-friendly stair towers had already been assembled by RECO Montagetechniek.

reco lift solutions GEDA Multilift P18S

One-Stop Shop
“RECO stands out as a one-stop-shop supplier of temporary accessibility solutions. They do not compromise on safety or accessibility,” says Fred Vermeulen, Hegeman+ Project Leader. “As the contractor, this allows us to offer added value not only to our client (the City of Amsterdam), but also to our primary end users, the passengers.”

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