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  • Temporary elevator RECO Lift Solutions Zaandam Rochdale
  • Temporary elevator RECO Lift Solutions Zaandam Rochdale
  • Temporary elevator RECO Lift Solutions Zaandam Rochdale

Reco lift, elevator, temporary,RECO Lift Solutions has proved on many occasions that it is able to respond fast to requests for quick solutions. We were recently able to provide another example of our efficient service when Rochdale housing corporation asked for our assistance in Zaandam. Rochdale manages a housing complex on Lucy Stonestraat where the lift was out of order after the hydraulic installation had stopped working due to overheating; since the required parts were not immediately available, Rochdale had been unable to solve the problem. Many of the residents of the complex have difficulty walking. So Rochdale decided to use our expertise and commissioned us to install a temporary lift as soon as possible.

Safety first

Normally, it takes two months to clear the permits for installing this kind of facility. Last year however, Rochdale managed to obtain permission to install a similar lift within four days and this time the application was granted within 24 hours. That meant we could get to work almost immediately. Using a crane with a hoisting capacity of 20 tonnes we piled the 4.5 x 2.5 metre lift shaft units on top of each other to house the temporary lift. It was immediately ready for use, with the safety of the residents being paramount. Meanwhile the defective lift is being renovated as fast as possible. It should be safely back in service in a matter of weeks.

Housing corporation

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