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temporary passenger lift, barkarbyThe Mälaren railway line from Stockholm to Örebro is doubling in size, from two to four tracks. The project also involves modernising Barkaby railway station. The contractor, PEAB, has built an all-new temporary station to be used while the works are under way.

Modular design
Scandinavia has extensive experience in timber building. Both the RECO passenger lifts and the wooden walkway have modular designs. The advantage is that both systems can easily be adjusted to new configurations. For the Swedish bridge-builders Martinsons, it was the first time one of their walkways has been equipped with RECO lifts. PEAB has since announced that they also intend to use this combination in follow-up projects.

Slip hazard
In addition to retaining passenger comfort, guaranteeing safety was an important reason for PEAB’s decision to use RECO lifts. During the winter months, slip hazard is a frequent concern in Scandinavia. With this in mind, RECO lifts ensure that passengers always have access to a safe alternative.

Local lift maintenance
The temporary RECO passenger lift is a fully-operational passenger lift, as it is exclusively made up of commonly-used lift parts. The advantage is that RECO lifts can be maintained by the local lift maintenance companies anywhere in Europe. In the Stockholm region, RECO has a long-standing partnership with SMW Elevator AB.


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