Schindler Aufzüge is modernising passenger lifts in three apartment complexes in the German city of Jena for Ensinger Plastics GmbH. Because many of the residents are wheelchair-dependent, the landlord has had a temporary RECO PP passenger lift installed. This enables them to retain their freedom of movement while the work is under way.

Safety: from step-free lifts to key switches

RECO supplies passenger lifts that give residents safe, step-free access from the street to their homes at all times. It is very important that lift modernisation work does not leave residents ‘stranded’ in their apartments for weeks on end. Unfortunately, this sometimes still happens in flats that are occupied by older, less able residents. Besides mobility, the aspect of safety is also key for this vulnerable group. With this in mind, RECO Lift Solutions has fitted the lift cabins for all three lift installations in Jena with a key switch. Because of this, residents alone are able to operate the lifts and gain access to the flats.

RECO Plug and Play lifts: fast assembly and turnaround times

We stock a wide range of passenger lifts, but the RECO PP (Plug-and-Play) passenger lift is the fastest by far to install: the entire passenger lift is hoisted into position in one single movement. The RECO PP lift meets the very latest technological standards in terms of drive engineering, control and cabin finishing. This makes it an ideal temporary solution when carrying out lift-maintenance and modernisation work in a number of buildings. Once work in the first building has been completed, the lift can be transferred across to the next building within the space of just one working day.


No need for a lift well

There is no need for a lift well when installing a temporary RECO PP passenger lift either. The lift shaft foundation for this project consists of a layer of crushed rubble covered by steel dock boards. RECO used length-adjustable shores to secure the shaft to the existing building.

Lift modernization work with the interests of residents in mind

‘The temporary RECO passenger lift has freed up our employees to focus entirely on their work’, explains Schindler Aufzüge sales engineer Stefan de Bortoli. ‘If we run into any problems during the work, the residents can still go about their business. It’s a relief for our engineers as well,’ claims De Bortoli. ‘Our tenants have let us know they really appreciate our efforts,’ explains client Mr. A. Lehmann from Ensinger Plastics. ‘They’re our loyal tenants and have often enjoyed living in our buildings for many years; we’re doing it all for them.’


If your lifts are due to be modernised next year and you would like to avoid any inconvenience for your residents, please contact our lift advisor on 0031 182 74 40 50 or request a no-obligation quotation. We will work with you to assess your situation and decide which lift would be right for your particular building. With more than 1,000 lifts in stock, we never disappoint.

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