Based in Montfoort, Jan Snel delivers high-quality housing solutions across the globe. The company recently equipped a temporary office building in Amsterdam with a temporary RECO PP passenger lift. The solutions offered by Jan Snel and RECO both feature a modular design and therefore offer excellent compatibility.

The RECO Plug and Play passenger lift offers the following advantages for the modular office in Amsterdam:

  • Thanks to the modular design of the lift, the anchor points and exits could be placed at the ideal height, with a high level of precision.
  • In terms of its use, the temporary passenger lift is virtually identical to a permanent lift.
  • The lift cabin can easily accommodate a wheelchair or container carrying goods.
  • RECO Lift Solutions offers a 24/7 breakdown service and has provided an intercom system in the cabin.

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Renting modular equipment offers greater flexibility and reduces carbon emissions

Jan Snel and RECO both operate on the international rental market. A key benefit of rental solutions is that they are much kinder to the environment than permanent solutions. Once a project is finished, the modular components – the units and lift – are redeployed on a subsequent project. This means no loss of valuable raw materials and a significant reduction in carbon emissions.

Plug and Play – a temporary passenger lift within a single working day

At RECO Lift Solutions, the adage is that ease is everything, simply because time is money. Installing a temporary RECO passenger lift with a maximum of four stops takes a single working day. Most lift shafts are lifted into position in their entirety, using a telescopic crane. Temporary RECO lifts do not require a lift well either, meaning a ‘plug-and-play’ installation is possible.

Smart temporary passenger lifts that increase safety and reduce energy consumption

Temporary RECO PP passenger lifts are fitted with a system that allows the lift to be monitored remotely. In addition, the lift controls can be configured to be fully compatible with safety systems. And some systems save on electricity costs by switching to idle status, for example overnight. All of this makes lift solutions by RECO greener, higher quality, faster and smarter. Contact us for a no-obligation consultation on the options for your project.

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