Paris, 12 November 2019: RECO Lift Solutions recently installed a temporary RECO passenger lift for the Louvre in Paris. The Louvre Museum is modernising one of their existing lifts and expanding their lift capacity, and the use of the temporary RECO passenger lift facilitates continued accessibility of the offices during the modernisation work, without thresholds.

The built-in lift is normally exclusively used by office staff. As only three or four people could use the existing lift at a time, the Louvre Museum aims to increase the lift capacity. To this end, the entire lift shaft needs to be enlarged. Building a larger lift shaft in a monumental building such as the Louvre presents a significant challenge in terms of the construction. The Louvre Museum therefore expects construction to take almost two years.

The French scaffolding company Europe Echafaudage from Jarny was commissioned to build a temporary stair tower with the use of scaffolding. To keep the offices accessible for disabled persons and facility services as well, Europe Echafaudage asked RECO Lift Solutions to help consider possibilities to add a temporary passenger lift to the stair tower.

Preventing damage to the monumental facade

RECO Lift Solutions decided to provide an extended RECO PP lift. The office area is on the third floor, so the RECO passenger lift only has two stops, on the ground floor and on the third floor. Two tractor-trailer combinations were required to transport the lift modules. Fal Industrie from Paris provided the telescopic boom crane necessary for the installation.

The lift stops at a window opening on the third floor, through which the building can be entered. This window was sufficiently large to be used as entrance, which meant the railing below the window did not have to be removed and damage to the monumental facade could be prevented. As the window opening is 1.5 meters above the floor on the inside, RECO installed a platform lift together with MTH Lifttechniek from Alphen aan den Rijn. This was enough to overcome the height difference caused by the railing, keeping this temporary entryway safely accessible without thresholds.

After only a single day, the lift shaft had been installed against the front of the louvre. Since then, the lift has been completely surrounded by Europe Echafaudage’s scaffolding. Bureau Veritas subsequently performed the installation inspection. We are proud of the trust that the Louvre Museum has placed in our services and look back on a satisfying collaboration with our French client Europe Echafaudage and our partner MTH Lifttechniek. For the coming two years, the RECO lift will continue to be used here until the new passenger lift is completed.

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