During a lift upgrade, residents are often restricted in their freedom of movement for weeks at a time. However, the residents of a complex of flats for the elderly owned by WSG Wohnungs- und Siedlungs- GmbH in Neuss were spared this inconvenience. While lift company Schindler is working on the upgrade, the residents are able to use the safe and step-free access offered by a temporary RECO passenger lift.

High degree of dependence

Many residents of high-rise buildings are almost completely dependent on a passenger lift. This is especially the case for older residents with reduced mobility. Distressing stories of residents being ‘trapped’ in their homes due to a lift being out of service regularly make the papers. To avoid these unnecessary, stressful and unsafe situations, more and more German housing associations are opting for a temporary RECO passenger lift. This fully fledged passenger lift is safe (Tüv certified), user-friendly and installed in just one working day in most cases.

Supporting residents

Supporting residents is already commonplace among housing associations in the Netherlands. Where previously the emphasis lay exclusively on cost containment, nowadays there is an increasing focus on ‘softer’ aspects such as the well-being and safety of residents. ‘We are observing a similar development in the German market. Particularly when it comes to residents who are very vulnerable and in need of help’, says Jakob Ebbens, international account manager at RECO Lift Solutions.

Costs of effective deployment

Customer-oriented housing associations focus on the wishes and requirements of residents and budget the associated costs (e.g. the deployment of a temporary passenger lift) over a longer term (such as the life cycle of a lift: around 20 years). This keeps the costs of deploying a temporary passenger lift well under control.


RECO was supported by crane company Wasel from Neuss for the assembly work. Crushed rubble and steel dock boards were used for the foundation of the lift shaft. The shaft height could be adjusted to the alighting heights thanks of the modularity of RECO lifts. As lift company Schindler installed its own intercom system in the RECO lift, the lift is fully integrated into the Schindler’s own system. ‘RECO Lift Solutions has demonstrated that it is a flexible organisation that is able to install a fully fledged passenger lift in a very short space of time. Our residents are very satisfied and value our efforts’, says Peter Heine of WSG and responsible for New construction and Modernisation.


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