Major building refurbishment programmes often involve upgrading the existing passenger lift as well.
In order to keep inconvenience to users to a minimum, every effort is made to avoid an expensive relocation process.
Installation of a temporary Reco passenger lift avoids users’ freedom of movement being restricted.

Since June 2015, Reco Special Products has included a new type of temporary Reco passenger lift in its range: the Reco P18 passenger lift.
The Reco P18 passenger lift is ideal for the combined transport of both residents and contractors’ materials.
Thanks to this combination lift, the client only needs to rent one lift rather than two (one passenger lift and one construction lift), which reduces the cost.

There is a growing trend for property owners to include the costs of installing a temporary passenger lift in advance in the maintenance budget.
This avoids a situation where, if a temporary passenger lift is required, there is insufficient funds to cover the costs involved.

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