Many people depend on a lift if they are no longer able to walk up stairs, for example because of their age or disability. But what happens if the elevator is put out of operation for a certain period?

In many cases, maintenance and repair work can not be prevented, and in some cases it is even necessary that the old elevator must be replaced. The GEDA Multilift P18 S is in such a case the perfect temporary solution. The GEDA elevator is spacious, easy to use and is designed specifically for hospitals, nursing homes and people who depend daily on elevators. The Multilift P18 S requires little space, assembly and disassembly are easy and done quickly. Naturally, the elevator has the latest safety requirements. The lifts are available with manual and automatic doors.

The spacious passenger elevators are suitable for transporting wheelchairs, mobility scooters and stretchers. An emergency light and a outline phone connection in the cabine guarantee optimum safety.  The temporary lifts meet the highest quality standards. All lifts are tested by independent test institutes: a guarantee for quality and safety at the highest level.

The advantages of a temporary lift of RECO Lift Solutions:

  • No temporary relocation perils for older and / or disabled residents
  • Less nuisance of construction
  • Actually no elevator failure; so no problems about compulsory use of the stairs
  • Complete assembly and inspection of the lift: including deployment mobile crane
  • Certificate of approval
  • Inspection for use
  • Personal instructions for all users
  • Easy to install without major structural facilities
Technical SpecificationsGEDA Multilift P18 S
Dimensions cabine2,6 m x 1,4 m
Max. persons12 persons
Max. load1000 kg
Max. height100 m
Speed0 - 40 m/min
Power supply400 V, 50 Hz, 32 A

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