RECO Lift Solutions specialises in the rental of temporary passenger lifts. Temporary RECO passenger lifts are used all over Europe in a wide range of markets. These include Refurbishment, Housing Corporations, Infrastructure, Retail, Events and Emergencies.

The temporary RECO passenger lifts are installed on a temporary basis if an existing lift cannot be used as a result of lift failure, lift refurbishment, alterations or fire damage. For example, during alteration projects, station upgrades, store refurbishments or in the event of an emergency.

In other situations, such as temporary events (e.g. the Olympics), there are no existing passenger lifts so they need to be installed. Where a lift is not working as a result of fire damage, temporary RECO passenger lifts are the solution as an emergency alternative.

Advantages of a temporary RECO passenger lift for users:
• Maintains safe, 100% barrier-free access
• Very user friendly
• Operational 24/7 without operator
• Accessible for mobility scooters and stretchers
• Convenient
• Reliable due to enclosed shaft

Advantages of a temporary RECO passenger lift for clients:
• Turnkey solutions
• One-stop-shop
• Large lift capacity
• Reliable lift technology
• Rapid installation
• Includes maintenance

As well as temporary passenger lifts, RECO Lift Solutions also supplies stairlifts. These are installed on staircases on a temporary basis.

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