Emergency lifts

If a permanent lift suddenly cannot be used as a result of an emergency, this has a direct impact on the mobility of residents. In the worst-case scenario, disabled residents are forced to vacate their apartments.

As well as the impact on residents’ freedom of movement, in life-threatening situations, if a lift is faulty, ambulance staff cannot get patients quickly to safety. In these situations, a temporary RECO passenger lift provides the answer.

Thanks to the modular nature of temporary RECO passenger lifts, in the event of an emergency, RECO Lift Solutions can install a temporary passenger lift in a very short space of time (just one working day). In addition, the lift is big enough to accommodate a stretcher, which allows people to be transported to hospital quickly and safely. Once it has been installed, the temporary emergency lift is always inspected by an independent body. This allows RECO Lift Solutions to guarantee that the lift is safe to use.


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