Service & maintenance

Once they have been installed, RECO’s temporary passenger lifts are subject to stringent checking, followed by an independent inspection. All temporary RECO passenger lifts are fitted with a monitoring system which is connected 24/7 to a head office computer. This system proactively detects anomalies, thereby reducing the incidence of faults.

When a malfunction is detected, the cause is corrected by a technician on site. Our temporary lifts are equipped with an emergency two way intercom, connected to the breakdown service of the company of your fixed lift. This repair service is responsible for accurate monitoring of the message.

In case of calamities or unsolvable problems, our own engineers will solve the issue as soon as possible. In every temporary lift a sticker is placed with emergency numbers to be dialed.

Winmos: All temporary RECO passenger lifts are fitted with a Winmos fault diagnosis system. This allows a data connection to be established from the temporary lift. The operation of the temporary lift can be remotely monitored, allowing any malfunction to be noticed and solved quickly. Sometimes it is even possible to do this from a distance. All movements of the temporary lifts are registered by the WinMOS® 300 system. This system provides benefits to both our customer and ourselves.


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