Temporary lift systems

RECO Lift Solutions develops, produces and rents out temporary lift systems in the broadest sense. Every one of our temporary lift systems is safe, solid and reliable, whether it is a RECO lift or a RECO stairlift. Everything is installed with the utmost care and, if needed, adjusted to the specific situation, which can be of major importance for the users! RECO Lift Solutions temporary lift systems have no thresholds, making them accessible for disabled users as well. Stretchers, wheelchair users and people with a walker will also have enough space in the lift. The temporary lift systems are easy in use. Whether it is a temporary lift or a stairlift, both are very easy to use.

Our emergency lift systems are installed on the outside of the building or on the stairs inside the building. Repairs to both stairwells and/or built-in lifts can thus continue without delay, and without posing an inconvenience to the residents. If you choose a RECO temporary lift system, the lift will be placed facing the hallway of every floor. The temporary lift can be extended upwards to a height of 60 metres, so no building is too high! The temporary lifts can be accessed via a completely lockable access door, on the ground floor. This access door can be opened with a standard front door key. We can install the existing intercom system on the access door of the temporary lift system, enabling the residents to grant visitors, home care organisations and parcel delivery services access to the building. If you choose a RECO stairlift, it will be installed on top of the existing stairs.

The temporary lift system can be up and running within two days. The lift is always approved before use, so that we can guarantee optimal safety. Our temporary lift systems were designed for temporary, vertical passenger transport. Our temporary lifts are most often used during lift renovations, but are also suited for use during emergencies, such as a burned-out lift shaft, a lightning strike in an indoor lift, water damage or other emergencies. In such cases, you need to act fast and focus on the user, whether they are able or disabled. The temporary lift system can be installed right away in these situations, so as to ensure prompt emergency transport.

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