Temporary passenger lifts

Since RECO Lift Solutions was set up in 2006, demand for the installation of temporary passenger lifts has increased significantly. Over this period, the wishes and requirements of our clients have dictated the development of our temporary passenger lifts.

RECO lift: The unique RECO Lift is the first modular temporary passenger lift that RECO Lift Solutions developed with a low-noise rack-and-pinion drive and an enclosed shaft. Thanks to its modular structure, the RECO lift is suitable for both low (e.g. two stops) and high installations (16 stops), thereby making deployment options more flexible. The enclosed shaft ensures that the lift is wind and rain proof, so it can be installed vertically without jolting. This significantly enhances user comfort. Thanks to its enclosed shaft, the temporary passenger lift can still be used even at a wind force of >6 . This improves reliability for users. And finally, the enclosed shaft helps reduce the noise level of the passenger lift.

RECO lift 2.0: The RECO lift 2.0 has the same configuration as the RECO lift. However, the RECO lift 2.0 has traction drive, which further reduces the noise level for users to <45 dB. The traction drive also increases the speed of the lift cabin, which further improves user comfort. As a result, the capacity of the lift is also greater.

RECO PP lift: The unique RECO Plug & Play lift also has a modular set-up and traction drive. The difference between this lift and the RECO lift is that the lift shaft of the PP lift is the same size as a high-cube container. This reduces the surface area of the shaft by as much as 36%! The universal twist-lock system makes it easy to load and transport the lift.

Since the PP-lift is delivered ready for use, RECO Lift Solutions can install a complete temporary passenger lift in just four hours! This benefits our clients in that we can supply the PP lift on a Just In Time basis and the installation time has been significantly reduced. Consequently, we can vacate the construction site very quickly.

RECO PPE lift: The PPE lift has the same configuration as the PP lift but is Extended with longer intermediate modules. The advantage of the Extended modules for our clients is that a height of up to 50 m can be achieved.

RECO XL lift: The RECO XL lift is still being developed. The XL lift is being developed specifically for the healthcare sector where it will be used to transport a hospital bed and nurse.

RECO Event lift: The most recent version of the RECO Lift. Thanks to its ingenious design, the lift fits through almost any door and can therefore be installed in almost any location. Ideal for events, temporary accommodation and tent structures.

The RECO Event lift is a temporary lift which is easy to transport and assemble. Its compact size makes it perfect for Events. The temporary Event lift is delivered in modules, so it can also be installed in a festival tent or a demountable.

The lift can also be assembled indoors, as it fits through a standard 90x 200 cm access door.

The Event lift has a load capacity of 400 kg, and is suitable for three people or a wheelchair user. It can have a maximum of three stops.

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