Temporary vertical transport

RECO Lift Solutions specialises in installing temporary, vertical transport vehicles as the cheapest, adequate temporary substitute lift no matter the height of the building.

The vertical transport lifts for public use serve as a temporary solution on the outside of a building. They can also be used in the event that the permanent lift system is out of order during renovations, alterations, problems due to fire, failure of a built-in lift, or during the modernisation of a built-in lift. This guarantees the mobility of the residents.

In the case of problems with a built-in lift, our temporary lift systems offer a solution as an emergency lift, with normal lift controls like residents in a housing complex are used to. On top of the fact that the lift can be used by everyone, the ease of use was one of the design requirements in the development of our patented machines.

RECO Lift Solutions offers a total package in vertical replacement transport, with temporary lifts (RECO Lifts), stairlifts and other solutions for market segments like Infrastructure, the Renovations market, Healthcare, Events and Retail.

With efficient communication, one point of contact and befitting personal advice, we offer the ideal solution! All our lifts are approved by an independent inspection authority beforehand, to guarantee quality and safety.

The spacious lifts are all at least “stretcher size” and are thus suited for transporting wheelchairs, mobility scooters and stretchers. Installation is fast and very simple.

The benefits of a temporary RECO lift for temporary vertical transport:
• Maintaining accessibility
Safe and reliable
• Turnkey solutions
• All-in rental contract
Including 24/7 service and maintenance
• Same-level flooring and access
Accessible for wheelchair users, mobility scooters and stretchers.
• Comfortable
Completely closed-off lift shaft, making it safe in use under all weather conditions (even at wind force 6 and above).
• No access pass checking system; this makes the lift very easy to use.

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